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PUBG New Update PC 1.0 Round 25 Update February



* Asia:

– Map: Sano, Vivendi

– Mode: Four rows, TPP mode

*North America, Europe:

– Map: Sano, Vivendi
– Mode: Four rows, FPP mode

New weapon: 

 Added new SMG weapon Bizon

– Bizon is available in Vivendi and Allengue;

– Use up to 53 rounds of bullets with 9mm bullets;

– Can be equipped with silencer, flame arrester, muzzle compensator, or can be equipped with a sight and a side sight;

New accessories: side sights ( canted Sight )

New accessories added: side sights
– Side sights can be mounted on the second aiming field of the       weapon
– Click ALT+right mouse button to switch to the side sight
– Side sights can be used with AR, DMR, SR, SMG, shotgun and       LMG
– Weapons can be used:
AR – BerylM762, AKM, AUG, M416, Mutant, QBZ, SCAR-L, G36C
       DMR – SLR, Mini14, Mk14, QBU, SKS
       SR – AWM, M24, Kar98k
       SMG – UMP,Vector, Bizon
           Shotgun- S12K
             LMG – M249
– Depending on the order in which you assemble the side sights and sights, the sights you see when aiming are different
– If you only fit the side scope, aim with a side scope
– Use the scope to aim when you assemble the side sight after       assembling the sight

 New vehicle: light snowmobile

Light snowmobile is a vehicle that is only refreshed in Weihandi
Light snowmobiles are faster and more mobile than snowmobiles, but are more susceptible to damage than snowmobiles

– No more refreshing motorcycles in Vivendi due to the addition of light snowmobiles


Added a new weather in Viventi

– Moonlight: Although this weather is night, we set the Super Moon and the bright Northern Lights, which will help you find enemies!

Survival Pass: Wei Handi

– You can pick up all the tickets at once in “Airdrop Supply”

-Added one-time access to all rewards in the Pass Bonus interface

– Click “Receive All” at the bottom left of the screen to get all the    rewards you have earned so far.

– Changed the number of times to replace daily tasks, from 1 to 3
– Adjusted for difficult tasks

Adjusting the difficulty of difficult tasks in daily tasks and weekly tasks
But the weekly tasks that have been announced are non-adjusted


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