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like samsung , Glory V20 is also a dig hole screen mobile phone.

Like Samsung , the honor has also released a smart phone with View 20 (or V20) designed with such a dig hole screen.

The design of the glory titled the glamorous full-screen is to dig a hole of only 4.5mm on the upper left side of the screen as the opening of the front camera, and the rest can be used as the display part. According to Honor’s representative, the front camera will be “like a diamond” placed in the hole to stabilize its structure, so “this is not a normal hole.”

In addition, Glory also equipped the V20 with a 48MP ultra-high-pixel camera. They even more clearly use the Sony IMX586 sensor. It seems to be the same as the one that will be released in January, the same 48MP sensor (but not sure if it is Sony or Samsung). a ) millet new phone compete with a fight. In order to cope with low-light shooting, it will naturally support the combination of four pixels (0.8um) to a larger 1.6um to increase the brightness and improve the image quality.
The V20’s camera will also benefit from the dual ISP and dual NPU capabilities of the Kirin 980 processor at the same level as the Mate 20 Pro , achieving the so-called “48MP AI HDR” effect. However, we still need to wait for the actual machine to verify the performance, and everyone should be very curious about the self-timer performance of the front camera hidden in the screen. Finally, the V20 also features Link Turbo, which uses AI to analyze whether the current best network connection is from a 4G or Wi-Fi network and is automatically selected. Friends who are interested in this glory V20 don’t have to wait too long, because they have confirmed that they will officially announce more news about this phone in Beijing on December 26, and there will be another overseas conference on January 22nd.


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