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Apple inc is currently in this situation in india


Even if it is as strong as Apple, for the sake of sustainable development, it is constantly thinking about how to expand the number of users.

India, which has the second largest population and the low level of development of smart phones, is one of its key markets. In order to take care of Indian residents’ love for cheap products, Apple has built an iPhone 6s/SE factory in the local area to further reduce costs and enhance competitive advantage.


However, according to 9o5mac quoted by Bloomberg, Apple’s operating conditions in India have not reached expectations. One indication is that in the past few weeks, several core management personnel have left.

Specifically, it includes India’s national sales and distribution executives, commercial and mid-market business leaders, and operator sales executives. As a result, Apple’s entire sales team in India is in the process of being rebuilt.

According to the data, in December last year, the head of Apple India resigned, replacing Michel Coulomb, and Coulomb was not very good in the situation for more than half a year. He was criticized for slow business progress and the sales team had no direction.

Today, Apple’s share in the Indian market is only 2%. Last year, the number of smartphones sold was 3.2 million. The data of the research institute Counterpoint is that it sold less than 1 million units in India in 2018, and the Indian smartphone market is now The main characters are Samsung, Xiaomi and so on.


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