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Apple’s old users finally have the power to upgrade,iPhone Foldable screen coming soon?

Samsung, Huawei and LG, which has withdrawn from the Chinese market, their launch of the folding screen mobile phone is full of preparations. And this may only be the beginning. After all, when mobile phone innovation has not undergone a large-scale qualitative change, only this revolutionary innovation can attract users to pay more.
According to the latest exposure news, Apple submitted a new patent in March 2018, proving that they are preparing a folding screen iPhone, at least from the patent picture.

From the details of Apple’s patent application, in order to create a screen that can withstand multiple bends, Apple intends to use a new coating, which can bond the polymer and pigment flakes together, and the coating can also become a protective layer. It allows the OLED screen to be rotated and twisted without cracking or wearing.

But what is even more interesting is that the new device developed by Apple can be folded inside and outside, while Samsung only supports folding inward. According to the report, because Samsung has no way to create a screen that can be stretched and can withstand folding, it seems that Apple is continuing its efforts in this regard.

In my opinion, at least next year, Apple will not mass produce this new iPhone. After all, although it has a patent, there is still a long way to go to overcome the difficulties of industrial manufacturing.


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