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Huawei confirmed that the Kirin 980 cannot operate at 3 GHz .


Following the official release of IFA 2018, Huawei held the Kirin 980 communication meeting in China earlier to further explain the specific details of the processor designed by TSMC’s 7nm process.

Huawei Kirin 980
For the Kirin 980, the “2+2+4” core architecture design, which is the first to use the two sets of arm Cortex-A76’s large core operating clock is 2.6GHz, while the other two Cortex-A76 large cores are at 1.92GHz. Operation, the remaining four Cortex-A55 small cores operate at 1.8 GHz.
The maximum operating clock for the big core is only controlled at 2.6 GHz. The previous 7-nm process with the Cortex-A76 will make the operating clock break through 3 GHz. Huawei said that the main reason is that the Kirin 980 adopts a complex multi-core design. To balance the performance and power consumption, it is difficult to unilaterally increase the specific core operating clock.
In the design of the Kirin 980, the two large cores, which mainly through the high operating clock, correspond to higher computing performance requirements, while the second two large cores with relatively low operating clocks correspond to the main operations, while at the same time When the pulse-operated large nucleus generates a speed limit due to the increase in heat, the second two large nucleus will take over the operation, avoiding a significant decline in the performance of the large-core operation. As for the other four sets of small cores, it mainly corresponds to the background operation or the multiplex operation requirement, thereby completing such calculation work with less power consumption.
Huawei Kirin 980
In addition, Huawei also confirmed that the Kirin 980 will be able to enable eight core operations simultaneously in certain situations, such as when the app starts up or requires more computing power, but basically the Kirin 980 will only use four in normal operation. The Cortex-A55 small core operates mainly, and the core part of the Cortex-A76 is hardly activated.
Kirin 980 is also equipped with arm Mail-G76 GPU, combined with dual neuroprocessing components (NPU), and supports LPDDR4X-2133 memory specifications, and supports 1.4Gbps Cat.21 LTE networking capabilities, even in 5G networking applications Before, with the Huawei 5G network data chip Balong 5000, the Kirin 980 can be the first commercial mobile platform design combined with 5G networking.
In addition to emphasizing that the performance of the Kirin 980 is 46% higher than that of the previous product, and the battery saving part is increased by 178%, Huawei emphasizes that the Kirin 980 can achieve a game update performance of nearly 60 frames per second. , up 22% compared to competitor Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845, while each frame shows a 32% reduction in computing power consumption.


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