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IPhone XS A Performance Monster From Apple ?

Apple launched three new models, the iPhone XR, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, on September 12. All new iPhones use the AppleA12 biofilm in a 7nm process. So, how much improvement does the A12 biochip have compared to the previous generation?

here are the details :

This running score is the first Apple A12 processor’s Ann Bunny running score, from the iPhone XS, with a total score of more than 360,000, reaching 363,525 points. Apple officially said that compared with the A11 biomimetic chip, the A12’s two performance core speeds are up to 15%, and the four energy efficiency cores are up to 50%. At the same time, the A12’s GPU is upgraded to quad-core, designed by Apple. The performance is 50% better than the GPU’s direct performance on the A11, and supports tessellation and multi-layer rendering, lossless memory compression.

However, the actual running score of the A12 is even more surprising, and it is even bigger than the official announcement! Compared with the iPhone 8 Plus with A11 processor, iPhone XS’s Bunny running CPU score increased by nearly 1/3, GPU score nearly doubled, UX score increased by 50%, memory/storage performance increased by nearly 20%, and finally reached The 360,000 points of horror, the Snapdragon 845 is close to 70,000 points, and the small series of 640 cc Snapdragon 660 mobile phones has shivered.


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