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The main cost performance! Nokia X7 leaked- Snapdragon 710 + Zeiss double shot, released on October 16!


The main cost performance! Nokia X7 leaked: Snapdragon 710 + Zeiss double shot, released on October 16!
Nokia and HMD Global returned strongly. For the first time, it has fully entered the Android terminal (Nokia’s first Android phone was Nokia X released on February 24, 2014), and it also brought a lot of cost-effective mobile phone products.

MWC2018 Former Nokia Android Phone MWC2018 Former Nokia Android Phone

They have also achieved relatively good results. The data shows that in 2017, Nokia’s global (function machine + smart machine) sales exceeded 70 million units. Among them, the annual sales volume of smartphones exceeded 10 million.

In 2018, Nokia was even more fire-powered. At the MWC2018 conference held in February, five mobile phone products were released in one breath. Including: Nokia 8 Sirocco, Nokia 7 Plus, the overseas version of the new Nokia 6, Nokia 1, the replica Nokia 8110.

MWC2018 Nokia released five models MWC2018 Nokia released five models

On May 16, Nokia released its first bangs full-screen phone, the Nokia X6. With its Snapdragon 636 processor + beautiful design + 299 yuan domestic sales price has won the attention of many users, have to say, Nokia X6 has let some people use Nokia!

On July 18th, Nokia brought a cheaper price of X.999 yuan from the domestic market, a good design, a relatively balanced hardware configuration, which is a cost-effective product. . Even slightly better than the red rice phone known for its high cost performance!

On October 16th, the same day that Huawei Mate20 series was released, Nokia X7 will be released again! It is still a cost-effective product, will be equipped with Snapdragon 710 processor!

Nokia X7 renderings Nokia X7 renderings

According to the leaked news, the Nokia X7 is equipped with a 6.18-inch 2246×1080 resolution LCD bangs screen. It is equipped with an eight-core Snapdragon 710 chip, supplemented by a 6GB memory, and a front-mounted 20 megapixel camera.

Rear 12 million + 13 million Zeiss certified dual camera, built-in a 3500mAh battery, using USB-Type C data interface, support 18W charging power. And retain the 3.5mm headphone hole at the bottom, there are four colors of night red, dark night blue, magic night silver, night and night black.

The Nokia X7 is almost identical in appearance to the Nokia X6, and can even be said to be similar to the Nokia X5. how to say? Although this design is also beautiful and good, but many products maintain a look, which is a bit lack of new ideas!

Based on the Nokia X6, the X7 brings the eight-core Opteron 710 processor, which brings a ZEISS-certified dual camera. There is a saying that with the Zeiss lens, it is the real Nokia. Indeed, Zeiss blood and Nokia phones are really classic!

It is said that the starting price of the Nokia X7 is kept at around 2K, not too far left or too far. So what do you think?


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