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Vivo Nex Dual Screen Edition Launch Expected on December 11, with 10GB of RAM Tipped

Photo Credit: Twitter/ Ben Geskin
The successor to the original Vivo Nex has been teased by the company recently, and now it seems to ready for official launch in China as the phone has started leaking through several outlets. The latest set of leaks suggest that this will be the phone maker’s first handset to sport 10GB of RAM. And a leak reveals that the second-generation Vivo Nex might be termed the Vivo Nex Dual Screen.
Vivo Nex Dual Screen Edition leak render : from weibo

As per the leaked , ton Chinese social microblogging website Weibo , the upcoming Vivo Nex is show’s as the ‘Vivo Nex Dual Screen’ edition instead of the Vivo Nex 2. The release also suggests that the upcoming phone will be launched at an event in the Shanghai U+ Fashion Art Center, in China, on December 11.

about specifications : image from weibo

nother post from Weibo shows what is possibly a dropdown menu from Vivo’s website that lists a Vivo Nex model with 10GB RAM and 128GB storage, making this the first smartphone model from Vivo to sport this amount of memory. Previously, phones from Nubia and Xiaomi have been unveiled with 10GB of RAM.

Vivo has started taking registrations for the upcoming Vivo Nex model on its official website. The company has also posted teasers which show the presence of a triple rear camera setup and dual displays on the smartphone, making it one of Vivo’s most ambitious launches yet.

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